About International Joint Research Center of Advanced Economic Theory

In 2010, KIER was certified by MEXT as a Joint Usage/Research Center and International Joint Research Center of Advanced Economic Theory was founded. In 2016, the Institute was re-certified, and has continued its joint research activities. The center focuses on Economics of Complex Systems and Economic Strategies and Organizations. Together with our international research network, this has enabled us to offer the international research community ample resources to advance international academic collaborations.

The purpose of the International Center for Advanced Economic Theory is to promote joint research in the most advanced fields of economic theory beyond the boundaries of domestic and international universities, and to foster researchers engaged in economic theory research at an international level.

To this end, we provide Japanese researchers with a forum for advanced economic theory research that is open to the international community by utilizing our research network in Japan and abroad that we have established based on our activities as an international center for economic theory research. By promoting joint research on advanced economic theory through publicly solicited projects, holding international conferences, and regularly organizing research meetings, we strive to maintain and develop the global standard of Japan's economic theory research and the international joint research system.

The Center is actively involved in editing international journals, including Pacific Economic Review, The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies and International Journal of Economic Theory.  


Pacific Economic Review
The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies
International Journal of Economic Theory

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